Our contribution starts immediately.

There's no doubt, PR takes nous, time, commitment and something to say. Got all those things? This entry level is for you. 

We’ll teach the PR basics, create a mini strategy with you and provide you with some key media contacts. We’ll talk through your key messages and potential stories, what journalists want to hear and how to deliver the information to them – via social media, news distribution and supporting their features.  

You’ll walk away with more knowledge about how to do this yourself, and how to ensure that your DIY PR works on a level you’re comfortable with. It’ll be you who feels the satisfaction when you see your work, your team’s work in the media.


Some will want a PR campaign kickstarted, or need it for a period of time, perhaps to promote an event or project. 

We’ll work with you for 4 months, showing you the ropes, so you can carry on the great work after we’ve ridden off into the sunset (ok, being England, we could just be walking to the pub or taking the dog to the park, but you know what we mean). 

We’ll create a plan and clarify your stories and key messages. We’ll work with key journalists, discover the stories that are brewing in your company, teams and customers now. We’ll create press releases (and distribute them to your key media) for you to mirror in style after we’ve gone. We’ll be aiming to set up phone interviews or lunch meetings with key journalists so they understand your stance clearly. And we’ll provide you with information about features that journalists are working on, now and in the future, so that we can aim for your knowledge to be included. 

And if you want us to hang around after the set period of time? Just ask and we’ll talk about the best level of support for your business needs.


Since God was a boy, PR, really, has been about good relationships. Indeed, we’ve built our skills, reputation and knowledge on it. 

It is by far the best way to build and keep going an amazing communications campaign. It isn’t for everyone, especially when budgets are as restrained as they are now, but it is the best way to help journalists and potential customers understand your business - and know what sets you apart. PR is best done in a sustained way so key journalists know that, together, we’re a reliable source of valuable information. 

You have the expertise and the knowledge. We are the conduit between journalists and you. We build relationships, keep them going, create answers and simplicity for journalists and you, so that the PR wheel moves smoothly along, collecting consistent, high quality articles in the media that matter to your audiences. 

It’s about knowledge and influence, and by combining yours with ours, we create something masterful and simple, so people know of your name, recognise it and feel warm to it. 

It’s not an overnight process, but it makes an important contribution to your business when achieved.