“I find it hard to ever conceive a company re-brand, or marketing initiative, or new business launch that I would work on where I wouldn’t want, or indeed insist, that The PR Department was a central figure in the plans. They have an exceptional talent for taking great marketing ideas and turning them into dynamic PR that everyone from industry expert to layman would understand.”

"The PR Department produces great results. They are knowledgable, enthusiastic, creative, and these qualities become immediately evident whether you meet them in person or talk over the phone. I emphatically recommend them to you." 

V. Scott, Principal Consultant, www.marshallacm.co.uk

"I cannot recommend them more highly:

- Kay’s network in the dustry is incredible, resulting in pages of targeted coverage each month.

- Kay takes the time to fully understand all our propositions, in particular our new technology platforms.

- Kay has built up some strong relationships with our stakeholders and clients, resulting in u Marketing and PR function having an excellent reputation across Aon business units."

Dionne Lewis, (previously) Head of Marketing, Aon Employee Benefit

"I would definitely recommend Kay, not only is she extremely personable and easy to work with, but she is also an expert in her field who get's results!"

Francesca Cockram, The Chemistry Group